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The Most Searched Home Security Camera on Google

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Finding the perfect Home Security Camera on Amazon can be overwhelming, with over 40 brands and 10,000 products to choose from.
However, we have simplified the process for you.
‼️When setting up home security monitoring, ColorMango suggests buying products from the same brand as much as possible, so that viewing and management can be unified.
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Small in size, can be placed anywhere indoors, easy to move and adjust the angle, and basically have intelligent person and pet recognition and tracking functions.
Suitable for living room, baby room, kitchen, aisle

66K+ searchs/month
1080P/360°/Person|Pet Detection
32K+ searchs/month
31K+ searchs/month
2K/Person|Pet Detection
31K+ searchs/month
2K/Person|Pet Detection
29K+ searchs/month
2K/Person|Pet Detection
21K+ searchs/month
4K/360°/Person|Pet Detection


With waterproof function and equipped with infrared night vision function, most of them support solar panels and support vehicle and person recognition.
Suitable for doorsteps, balconies, and garages

55K+ searchs/month
2K/Person Detection
52K+ searchs/month
52K+ searchs/month
48K+ searchs/month
41K+ searchs/month
2K/Color Night
33K+ searchs/month
2K/Person|Pet|Vehicle Detection

Large Areas

Suitable for family courtyards and large outdoors, with a clear view of the 15-30 meter environment. And most of them support solar panels and support vehicle and person recognition.
Suitable for parking lots, courtyards, squares (bullet camera, hemispherical camera)

95K+ searchs/month
61K+ searchs/month
50K+ searchs/month
2K/Color Night
22K+ searchs/month
3K/360°/Human|Vehicle Detection/Color Night/Solar
15K+ searchs/month
2K/Person|Pet|Vehicle Detection/Color Night
7K+ searchs/month
3K/360°/Human|Vehicle|Pet Detection

Video Doorbell

A camera combined with a doorbell, you can see and have voice communication with visitors at the door

29K+ searchs/month
26K+ searchs/month
22K+ searchs/month
21K+ searchs/month
15K+ searchs/month
9K+ searchs/month

After comparing prices, we found that although Amazon provides a convenient shopping platform, many products on its official website have better prices.
Moreover, when purchasing products from the official website, you will enjoy the same quality and after-sales service as Amazon. Therefore, we recommend comparing prices on both Amazon and the official website before making a final decision, so that you can get the best product at the most reasonable price.

We have selected the Top 5 Security Camera brands with the highest search volume on Google.
Top BrandsMonthly Searches (Global)Official StoreAmazon Store
Amazon-branded home security cameras
% CouponsAmazon Store
A new series of smart home devices
% CouponsAmazon Store
Smart home products and services developed by Google
% CouponsAmazon Store
A brand renowned for its wireless cameras, suitable for home security monitoring.
% CouponsAmazon Store
Home security camera that is designed to keep an eye on your property
% CouponsAmazon Store
A security camera brand specializing in home security cameras and related accessories.
% CouponsAmazon Store
This not only reflects user attention but also represents the mainstream choice in the market.
We ensure that the brands we recommend are well-known and best sellers, and effectively exclude unknown brands that rely on fake reviews or cheap prices to gain exposure.

Camera resolution
  • There are generally two ways to describe the resolution of a camera
  • One is 1080P, 2K, 4K, etc.
  • The other is 4 million, 5 million, 8 million, etc.
  • In fact, there is no essential difference between the two
  • The higher the number, the clearer the image
  • 💡1080p ≈ 2.07MP, 2K ≈ 2.21MP, 4K ≈ 8.29MP
⚠️The higher the resolution, the more expensive it is, and the more storage space it takes up, so the higher the resolution, the better
  • There are elderly people in the family, we need to pay attention to the status of the elderly in time and be able to contact them at any time
  • There are babies at home who are alone or need a nanny to take care of them alone
  • There are cats and dogs in the family who want to pet dogs and cats in the cloud and accompany them remotely
  • Other special areas that you want to observe in real time, such as balconies, courtyards, and your own parking spaces

  • Living room: Monitor the main activity area of the home, and it can also be used as a tool for family members to communicate with each other
  • Children's room: Ensure the safety of children, so that parents can check on their children👶 at any time
  • Master bedroom: Monitor personal belongings💳, or secure the bedroom when you are away from home
  • Kitchen: Monitor the cooking area🍳
  • Hallway or stairwell: Monitor the main passages in the home and observe the movement of people🏃

  • Front door: Monitor the movement at the door🚪, such as the arrival of express delivery and strangers approaching
  • Backyard/garden: Observe the activities in the backyard, including children and pets playing outside
  • Garage: Monitor the area of 🚗vehicles and stored items to prevent theft
  • Near windows: Monitor windows that may become entrances, especially windows facing the street

Specific purposes
  • Pet activity area: Monitor where pets often go, such as their pet house or their play area⚽
  • Work/study: Monitor important documents and equipment📃 to ensure the security of work materials

  • Do not install cameras in places involving living privacy, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and shower rooms
  • Change the access password of the surveillance camera frequently
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