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Gain insights into trending products with Google Trends

About US

About Us

Welcome to Top10X5, a brand-new initiative crafted by the ColorMango team.
Since its inception over a decade ago, ColorMango.com has been dedicated to offering consumers superior products at unmatched prices.
With Top10X5, we aim to introduce a novel concept in product selection to our users.

The Traditional Pitfalls of Product Selection

Over the past ten years, we have observed that consumers often need to invest a considerable amount of time and effort when choosing products.
Most users make their decisions by reading articles from various websites, watching YouTube video, consulting Amazon Store reviews, and checking Amazon Strong’s bestseller lists.
However, these information channels can be susceptible to commercial manipulation, such as sponsored articles and videos, as well as controlled reviews and sales rankings.

Our Innovative Solution

Is there a new standard that eliminates these distortions and quickly identifies trustworthy products?
Drawing on our team’s years of experience, we have identified a key indicator — user search popularity.
Products with high search popularity tend to have a better balance in terms of price, quality, and brand reputation.

When users search on Google for a specific product model, it is usually after an initial screening, as they look for reviews, pricing, and specifications to make their final purchase decision.
A high search volume indicates that a product is more likely to make it into the user's "final selection" and be chosen.
By using this algorithm, you can bypass the initial screening and review search steps, directly finding high-quality products that the majority of users have carefully selected and purchased.
Moreover, it is almost impossible for manufacturers to fraudulently influence search popularity, as only sustained high sales and positive reputation can lead to high search volumes.

Do It Yourself

You can also use Google Keyword Planner to research the products you are planning to buy.
Our continuous writing and algorithm optimization not only make our data more accurate but also save you a significant amount of valuable time.

To discover the true global rankings of products, keep an eye on our project—Top10X5, where we will provide you with the most reliable support for your shopping decisions.

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